Software Developer - Toronto

About Mogo

  • Mogo is a technology company looking to redefine the dining experience using smartphone technology.
  • On another level, Mogo works with restaurants to increase attentiveness to customers and their needs.

Software Developer @ Mogo

Mogo is looking for a technical co-founder to join the founding group and shape the future of the startup. 

Every engineer at Mogo has the passion, drive, and creativity to shape the future of dining. In an industry where sideways momentum and common products & services are the norm, we have the rare opportunity to make everyday extraordinary for our customers.

Our home is a true startup: we make sure every voice is heard, every idea considered, and ever member makes an impact on how we solve the problems we tackle. Our engineers are involved in all parts of the product lifecycle: idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, execution, and shipping. Our work starts with brainstorming to discover, explore, and understand our customer’s greatest challenges in the visual and technical spaces. Then we code. A lot. Finally, we ship and continuously iterate on products that have a direct impact on the world’s hardest problems.

If you are driven by your own high standards, believe that good ideas have nothing to do with titles, and are always looking for a better way - we’re looking for you.

What we look for

  • You’re a strong coder; regardless of which language you use or how you learned it, we’re looking for people who can write clean, effective code
  • You enjoy collaboration with others - our work isn’t carried out in a vacuum, and everyone contributes to get the job done
  • You understand that making mistakes means you’re learning
  • You have a constant desire to grow and develop
  • You are passionate about product craftsmanship and care about great design, not only in products and their visual presentation but in your code and technical architecture as well
  • You are comfortable in a high-paced environment, and can respond to urgent requests
  • You want to work on things that make an impact on the world


  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent (started or completed PhD a plus)
  • Previous engineering leadership responsibilities a plus, but advanced contributors are required
  • Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems and a willingness to take on new product features
  • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
  • Strong OOP & Architecture Design Skills
  • Coding skills in Objective-C and/or Swift. Java, C/C++, Python or JavaScript/AJAX a bonus. Preference for experience with database design and SQL, and/or knowledge of TCP/IP and network programming
  • Large systems software design and development experience, with knowledge of Unix/Linux
  • Interest in working on a rapidly changing, ever-evolving systems

You must be

  • Fast learner. We're looking for software engineers who thrive on learning new technologies and don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. You should be able to adapt easily to meet the needs of our rapidly evolving business environment
  • Fearless. You think a working proof of concept is the best way to make a point. You strive on proving that speed and quality are not conflicting; that you can achieve both at the same time
  • Versatile. In addition to having an intimate knowledge of the your area of specialty, you understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, database, network layer, etc.) and how they impact performance of your application.
  • Strong architecture chops. You know how to build highly scalable, robust and fault-tolerant services. You stay up to date with the latest architectural trends.
  • Passionate. You feel complete and absolute ownership over everything you ship; you’d never call code “released” until you are confident it’s correct. You pride yourself on efficient monitoring, strong documentation, and proper test coverage.
  • A team player. You believe that you can achieve more on a team - that the whole is greater than sum of its parts. You rely on others’ candid feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Design and business acumen. You understand requirements beyond the written word. You understand how to be pragmatic. Whether you are working on a small feature or massive system level project, your attention to detail leads to a delightful user experience

Bonus points if you have

  • Insightful opinions about developing for mobile & scale
  • A Github account with cool projects in it
  • Scary amazing debugging skills
  • Experience developing location aware mobile applications
  • Experience developing testing suites for mobile applications
  • Experience with web technologies and databases
  • Crazy stories about supporting multiple platforms and devices